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Single Jodi Game
Single Jodi Game (99.9% Pass)

Gali Disawar 2 Jodi Pass Game

yaha aap dekh sakte ho kis user ki kon si game jyada pass hoti hai.
is se tum ko apni man pasand game khelne main aasani hogi.

Total Game Pass Sirf VIP Forum Main Se = 176
HR Only | Gzb Only | Gali Only |

Frd Only | DS Only

No. User Game Pass Date
1 Desi_guy Gali 29-Nov-20
2 Chandu Chhobe Gali 29-Nov-20
3 Game Killer Gali 29-Nov-20
4 Game Killer Gali 28-Nov-20
5 Game Killer Disawar 27-Nov-20
6 Gambler Gaziabad 27-Nov-20
7 Gambler Disawar 26-Nov-20
8 Bobby Disawar 26-Nov-20
9 Gambler Disawar 26-Nov-20
10 Mastram Faridabad 26-Nov-20
11 Desi_guy Disawar 24-Nov-20
12 Jodi Killer Gaziabad 23-Nov-20
13 Gali Master Gaziabad 22-Nov-20
14 Chandu Chhobe Gaziabad 22-Nov-20
15 Suleman Bhai Gali 21-Nov-20
16 Punjabi Faridabad 20-Nov-20
17 Desi_guy Faridabad 20-Nov-20
18 Guru Ji Gaziabad 19-Nov-20
19 Desi_guy Gaziabad 18-Nov-20
20 Game Killer Disawar 16-Nov-20
21 Suleman Bhai Gaziabad 16-Nov-20
22 Gali King Faridabad 16-Nov-20
23 Gali Master Disawar 15-Nov-20
24 Salman 786 Disawar 14-Nov-20
25 Gali Master Gaziabad 14-Nov-20
26 Guru Ji Disawar 13-Nov-20
27 Gali King Gali 13-Nov-20
28 Jodi Killer Disawar 13-Nov-20
29 Guru Gaziabad 13-Nov-20
30 Guru Faridabad 13-Nov-20
31 Gali Master Disawar 12-Nov-20
32 Yo Yo Bhai Gaziabad 12-Nov-20
33 Game Killer Disawar 12-Nov-20
34 Pankaj Faridabad 11-Nov-20
35 Gali Master Gaziabad 11-Nov-20
36 Chandu Chhobe Gali 10-Nov-20
37 Salman 786 Gaziabad 09-Nov-20
38 Salman 786 Faridabad 08-Nov-20
39 Chandu Chhobe Gaziabad 08-Nov-20
40 Pankaj Disawar 08-Nov-20
41 Suleman Bhai Gali 07-Nov-20
42 Suleman Bhai Disawar 06-Nov-20
43 Gali King Faridabad 06-Nov-20
44 Yo Yo Bhai Gaziabad 05-Nov-20
45 Yo Yo Bhai Disawar 03-Nov-20
46 Gali Master Gali 02-Nov-20
47 Gali Master Faridabad 02-Nov-20
48 Yo Yo Bhai Gaziabad 01-Nov-20
49 GALI SATTA Disawar 01-Nov-20
50 Jodi Killer Gali 30-Oct-20
51 Guru Ji Gali 28-Oct-20
52 Gali Master HR-Super 27-Oct-20
53 Mastram HR-Super 27-Oct-20
54 King Guesser HR-Super 27-Oct-20
55 Rohit King Gali 27-Oct-20
56 Mr. Raj Gali 24-Oct-20
57 Guru Ji Disawar 24-Oct-20
58 Jodi Killer Gali 24-Oct-20
59 Rohit King HR-Super 24-Oct-20
60 Guru Ji Gaziabad 24-Oct-20
61 King Guesser Faridabad 24-Oct-20
62 Rohit King Disawar 24-Oct-20
63 GALI SATTA Gaziabad 23-Oct-20
64 King Guesser Gaziabad 23-Oct-20
65 Gali King Gaziabad 23-Oct-20
66 GALI SATTA HR-Super 23-Oct-20
67 Gali Master Gaziabad 23-Oct-20
68 Firoz Bhai Faridabad 22-Oct-20
69 Punjabi Faridabad 21-Oct-20
70 Gali Master Disawar 21-Oct-20
71 Punjabi Gaziabad 21-Oct-20
72 Mr. Raj Faridabad 21-Oct-20
73 GALI SATTA Gali 20-Oct-20
74 Gali Master Gali 20-Oct-20
75 Punjabi Gaziabad 19-Oct-20
76 Rohit King Gaziabad 19-Oct-20
77 Gali Master Faridabad 19-Oct-20
78 Gambler HR-Super 18-Oct-20
79 Suleman bhai Faridabad 18-Oct-20
80 Guru Ji Faridabad 18-Oct-20
81 Gambler Gali 17-Oct-20
82 Gali King Gali 16-Oct-20
83 Punjabi Disawar 16-Oct-20
84 Gambler Gaziabad 16-Oct-20
85 Madam Maya HR-Super 16-Oct-20
86 Gambler Gali 15-Oct-20
87 King Guesser Gaziabad 15-Oct-20
88 Rohit King Gali 15-Oct-20
89 Gali King Faridabad 13-Oct-20
90 Guru Gaziabad 12-Oct-20
91 Disawar MD Disawar 12-Oct-20
92 Mastram Faridabad 12-Oct-20
93 Gambler Disawar 11-Oct-20
94 Rohit King Faridabad 11-Oct-20
95 Guru Ji HR-Super 10-Oct-20
96 Game Killer Faridabad 09-Oct-20
97 Monu Disawar 09-Oct-20
98 Gambler Gali 08-Oct-20
99 Bobby HR-Super 08-Oct-20
100 Disawar MD Faridabad 07-Oct-20
101 Guru Gali 06-Oct-20
102 Mastram HR-Super 06-Oct-20
103 Rohit King Gali 06-Oct-20
104 Firoz Bhai HR-Super 05-Oct-20
105 Pankaj HR-Super 03-Oct-20
106 Game Killer Disawar 03-Oct-20
107 GALI SATTA Faridabad 02-Oct-20
108 Disawar MD Faridabad 02-Oct-20
109 Mr. Raj Faridabad 02-Oct-20
110 Firoz Bhai Faridabad 01-Oct-20
111 Game Killer Gaziabad 01-Oct-20
112 Disawar MD HR-Super 01-Oct-20
113 Guru Gaziabad 01-Oct-20
114 Kala Gali 01-Oct-20
115 Haraf Killer Gali 28-Sep-20
116 Mastram HR-Super 28-Sep-20
117 Madam Maya Gaziabad 26-Sep-20
118 King Guesser Disawar 25-Sep-20
119 Pankaj Disawar 25-Sep-20
120 Disawar MD Faridabad 25-Sep-20
121 Mr. Raj Gali 25-Sep-20
122 Saini Boy Gaziabad 25-Sep-20
123 Kala Disawar 25-Sep-20
124 Black King HR-Super 25-Sep-20
125 Mastram Faridabad 24-Sep-20
126 Mr. Raj Faridabad 24-Sep-20
127 Satta Topper Gaziabad 24-Sep-20
128 King Guesser HR-Super 24-Sep-20
129 Jodi Killer HR-Super 22-Sep-20
130 Kala Gali 22-Sep-20
131 Disawar Guru Gali 22-Sep-20
132 Satta Topper Gali 20-Sep-20
133 Gambler Gali 20-Sep-20
134 King Guesser Disawar 20-Sep-20
135 King Guesser HR-Super 19-Sep-20
136 Saini Boy Gaziabad 18-Sep-20
137 Mastram Disawar 18-Sep-20
138 Guru Disawar 18-Sep-20
139 Firoz Bhai Gali 18-Sep-20
140 Saini Boy HR-Super 17-Sep-20
141 Pankaj Faridabad 17-Sep-20
142 Jodi Killer Gali 17-Sep-20
143 Mr. Raj Gali 17-Sep-20
144 Kala Gaziabad 11-Sep-20
145 Haraf Killer Disawar 11-Sep-20
146 Mr. Raj Gaziabad 10-Sep-20
147 Disawar MD HR-Super 09-Sep-20
148 Disawar Guru Disawar 08-Sep-20
149 King Guesser Disawar 08-Sep-20
150 Rohit King Gaziabad 08-Sep-20
151 Chandu Chhobe Gali 08-Sep-20
152 Satta Guru Gali 08-Sep-20
153 Game Killer Gali 08-Sep-20
154 Mastram HR-Super 07-Sep-20
155 Mastram Faridabad 07-Sep-20
156 Disawar Guru HR-Super 07-Sep-20
157 Gali King Gali 07-Sep-20
158 Gali Master Gaziabad 07-Sep-20
159 Rohit King Gali 06-Sep-20
160 King Guesser Gali 04-Sep-20
161 King Guesser HR-Super 04-Sep-20
162 Mr. Raj Gaziabad 04-Sep-20
163 Mr. Raj Gali 04-Sep-20
164 Mastram Gali 03-Sep-20
165 Kala Disawar 03-Sep-20
166 King Guesser Disawar 03-Sep-20
167 Monu Disawar 03-Sep-20
168 Gambler Disawar 03-Sep-20
169 Madam Maya Disawar 03-Sep-20
170 Suleman bhai Gali 02-Sep-20
171 Madam Maya Disawar 02-Sep-20
172 Satta Topper Faridabad 02-Sep-20
173 Madam Maya HR-Super 02-Sep-20
174 Disawar MD Faridabad 02-Sep-20
175 Gambler Gali 01-Sep-20
176 Mr. Raj Faridabad 01-Sep-20
Mumbai Kalyan
Open Close 99% Pass and Jodi 90% Pass

How To Play Satta King guess Tricks?

Some people are looking for Satta king tricks to get the Satta queen contest They are squandering all this time understanding that Satta tricks picture on YouTube but even unable to comes to any decision They still ready to spend on any Satta king tricks video or leak game guess figures Nowadays we are offering you with the greatest evergreen Satta king guess trick to get any Satta guess king queen contest. This is not the picture for any Satta king formula that is but the joke which is being followed by all corporations If you are actually able to see this structure these tricks you able to get any Satta king play. Firstly, you get to understand that design of any known Satta don queen strategy of Satta king industry' like Desawar, Gali, Ghaziabad, Faridabad; you get to follow the last year chan (2019 ). So you best get to see the shape of the resulting beginning of the play for last 40 year. That is the evergreen and available to take satta guess tricks to get any up Satta king contest.

What Is Satta King ?

Satta king guess game is the lottery' based game which can be played online and offline, in this game people can bet on some collection of numbers, f you Win this Satta king game you will get the rewards as par rules define by the Satta king market, this game is totally illegal and if you caught playing or involving in this Satta king game you can be arrested at any time there are many games in this Satta king market like Gali, Disawar, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and many more. you can play any of them as per your choice

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